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First off thank you guys for checking the website and giving me more love than I could ever imagine. I have some new  things in store for you  soon.  So lets get right down to it shall we. This particular post might be a little longer than the others cause I have a lot to say on a couple of things. As a community of actors, singers, artist, writers, musicians, directors, etc. Most went on national television and declared to the world that to raise money for AIDS, that we would give up our cyber lives and stop updating until a certain amount of money was reached. I stopped and began to raise money for a great cause. Stayed pretty damn true to it as well. On the flip side to that, watching TV and seeing that people that said they were going to stop and didn’t really rubbed me the wrong way. Don’t say it if your not gonna do it. Off that and on to the next one. The amount……. The amount to be raised was one million dollars. Most of the people I have mentioned above spend that or half of that on one shopping trip. It seems like people aren’t serious about what they say anymore. That is my 2 cents and I will leave it at that. One the new music end of it all, my friend asked me if I could pick anyone to record with who would it be. Well I had to narrow it down to male ad female categories. I only said the female who I would like to record with. Which is the new grove that is in my head so I will give you guys a listen as well. She had a self titled album and the number added to that was 19. She has ben in the studio and has a new album set to drop in Feb. called 22. Here she is…. Enjoy it, she is truly amazing. i have been gone lots more to say but I will leave that with you for now. S signing off alive and kicking.


I agree I thought what everyone was doing was a little wierd but to everyone who has lost a friend or love one to Aids knows how important this cause is. We can all do what we can to stop this disease. Do whatever you can. Until we as a people make a difference. I’m dead!!!!

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